Collective coaching

“If you want to go far, go together”

With RHCAREER, we synergize the talents and strengths of your team to perform better together.


The collective is a lever of engagement, motivation and an essential condition of success for your company. We at RHCAREER will accompany you to co-create, strengthen, intensify the cohesion of your teams, in order to move from a collection of individuals to a successful team.

to unify around a vision, a project, a common goal

A strong team needs to know where it is going, why, how, and with whom it is going. RHCAREER allows your teams to collaborate in the pursuit of a common unifying objective.

Course delivery adapted to your needs and objectives:

Our trainings are integrated to fit your activities, taking into account the location and challenges of your employees. Our playful and empowering pedagogy allows your team to get together around the values of your company and to deliver the best results they can.

Our tools

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360° tool

This development tool is based on a 360° view within the organization (transversal, hierarchical and external partner relationships), allowing development of a relevant and performance-oriented progress plan. A RHCAREER expert will work with you to find the best set of skills to assess in your custom 360° report; based off your companies individual requirements and objectives.

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Strengthen collaborators problem solving capabilities through the promotion of self-learning autonomy. RHCAREER accompanies you with this innovative formula of group training customized by a RHCAREER expert.

roue équipe outil disc

DISC Team Wheel

This wheel allows teams to (re)discover itself from a behavioural point of view. It illustrates the interactions and ways of reacting within a group. What a basis for questioning group strengths and areas of vigilance!

wpmot roue équipe outil

WPMOT Team Wheel

This wheel allows teams to (re)discover itself from the point of view of motivational drivers. It sheds light on the levers that motivate team members and allows each person to take action.

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