Our training courses are tailor-made, whether they are face-to-face, mix-learning or remote learning

Tailor-made courses

RHCAREER is focused on your issues, your values, your culture, your people, and your organization.

Our proposals for individual or collective courses, our advice, our approaches and our content are always unique.


A smile in the voice

You will always be welcome and we will gladly hear from you. Whatever the issue you raise, we will support you with optimism and realism.

A responsible partner

RHCAREER dedicates itself only to the courses that we are able to implement. RHCAREER brings together the best conditions for their realization and allows you to achieve your objectives.

Constantly updated content

Our content feeds and enriches itself with the life of your company, your news and your strategic choices. We carry your messages and adapt to your context at all times.

A fair value enhancement

RHCAREER offers you initiatives adapted to your ambition and builds with you the parameters to measure the impact of our actions and their results.

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Consulting, Training, Coaching in Human Resources and Career Management.