To attract and retain talent, facilitate recruitment and control your turnover

The employee experience at the heart of your HR strategy

The well-being and fulfilment of the individual enhances the company's performance

From the first contact with the candidate at the time of recruitment, to the departure of the employee, through his or her integration, mobility, development, annual interviews and training, RHCAREER advises you to create an employee experience which reflects you, embodies your values, carries your vision and guarantees the professional fulfilment of each employee.

Skills Development Strategy

To give individuals the means to achieve their ambitions and make sustainable progress

Operational implementation of the strategic guidelines

To unify the team, strengthen employee involvement, and perform over the long term


Adapted tools and effective interventions

To make skills development go hand in hand with performance

Whether it is to support a manager in difficulty, to raise awareness, facilitate a new position or to encourage the employee to make a long-term commitment.

RHCAREER is there to help. Trained and certified in the 360° tool by TTI Success Insights, our consultants develop an individual development plan adapted to the needs of performance and well-being.

Why use it?

Helps each person within the organisation to evaluate personal perceptions, promoting awareness and implementing actions for progress.

What is this?

A tailor-made personal development tool based on a 360° view within the organization, creating a relevant and performance-oriented individual development plan. A RHCAREER-certified expert will define with you the competencies to be assessed and on which the 360° report will focus, in line with your needs and performance objectives.

What are the benefits?

Puts the individual at the center of the organization.
Allows you to evaluate the skills of one or more collaborators.
Is a source of global performance for the company.

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