Focus on edutainment to promote learning, whether the training is given by e-learning, mix-learning or face-to-face.

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Involving pedagogies

Learning by experience, role-playing and training encourage progress and the emergence of unsuspected talents.

The participants are led to take a higher profile in their jobs, to reflect, then to put themselves in situations and to commit themselves to an individual progress plan.

Following the training, the consultant accompanies each participant to anchor the progress in a sustainable way.

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Pedagogies based on practice and operationality

To facilitate the appropriation of knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills, we propose a concrete and practical pedagogical approach, based on :

Innovative teaching methods

We will propose pedagogical approaches that facilitate learning in a playful atmosphere.

We will treat all subjects seriously and with respect… without taking ourselves too seriously!

A serious gaming, a case study, a photo-language or 2.0 tools (MOOC, touch tablet, cooperative platform,…) will energize the learning process, interactivity and “teach the trainees, to learn”.

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Consulting, Training, Coaching in Human Resources and Career Management.